As a young-at-heart and fun-loving Kiwi-owned business, HELL loves to see young New Zealanders doing well. So when we hear about kids having a tough time, we’ll try to make a difference wherever we can.

Since 2013, Satan’s Little Helper has been on a quest to cut a break for good souls struck down by the big guy in the sky – but he needs you to point him in the right direction.


So, do you know any under-18s worthy of un-divine intervention? Or would you like to recognise the hard toil of someone who’s gone the extra mile to help Kiwi kids (and their families)? Nominate them now and SLH will see what he can do to help and support them.

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  • Sticks do the trick for Charlize

    Twelve-year-old Charlize Hartshorne, from Hamilton, is a keen hockey fan. She also has hemiplegia, which has caused her left leg to grow slower than the right – but that hasn’t stopped her from playing the game she loves. 


    When Satan’s Little Helper heard her story, he reckoned tickets to the Trans-Tasman Trophy Hockey Series in Auckland for her and her family would be a well-deserved treat.


    Charlize, her mum Priscilla and younger sister Savannah all enjoyed a day of matches at the Lloyd Elsmore Hockey Stadium with a complimentary lunch courtesy of HELL, before spending the night at a nearby hotel. Priscilla says they all had “a blast”.

    “I’d kept the outing a surprise, so Charlize didn’t know what we were doing. She spotted the Black Sticks practising and asked what we were doing there. When I told her, she was the over the moon! The atmosphere was awesome; so many people turned up to watch,” she says. “It was so good to spend quality time away with the girls.”


    Charlize’s condition is the result of a mild stroke that she suffered during birth. Since she was three years old, she has been through ongoing physiotherapy, worn various casts to promote growth in her left leg, and been given Botox injections to make her calf muscle more elastic.


    Priscilla says Charlize has never let it hold her back: “She plays in defence and her favourite part is getting into the goal after a penalty and revving up her teammates! It’s really good to see, because keeping active is also good for her leg.”



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  • A perfect Storm!

    Seven-year-old Rylan Latham is learning to overcome his auditory processing disorder (APD) thanks to a hearing app funded by Satan’s Little Helper, which has significantly improved Rylan’s interest and involvement at school. 


    Estimated to affect 1 in 20 children, APD is a disorder that interferes with the way the brain interprets information it receives through the ears.


    With Rylan’s condition not deemed severe enough to qualify him for funding from the Ministry of Education, and having already fronted up $7,000 for a trial hearing system, Rylan’s mum Kirsty approached Satan’s Little Helper to see if the devil’s right hand man could assist with purchasing the Sound Storm education app – and he was happy to help.  


    “Specialists recommended that we get the app to help Rylan along. He’s had it for close to a month now thanks to Satan’s Little Helper and it’s already made a noticeable difference,” says Kirsty.


    Rylan uses the app in six-week blocks, taking a break in between before repeating the course to measure his progress and continue improving his hearing.  


    “It’s designed to help retrain the brain’s hearing system through a series of games and activities,” says Kirsty. “One is where Rylan will listen to recorded instructions given by multiple voices and, after identifying which voice he’s supposed to be paying attention to, carry out a task as directed by that voice.”


    She said that both Rylan’s hearing and ability to take part in the classroom have improved.


    “I’ve found that he is now able to hear me without me having to stand directly in front of him. He is also a lot more confident in the classroom, because he can hear the teacher and other students better above the background noise, so now he’s willing to ask questions and take part in discussions where before he didn’t.”

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  • HELL feeds hunger for knowledge

    Satan’s Little Helper believes in sharing the fruit of knowledge far and wide – so when Becky Bateman from Museums Wellington asked for some help with her education programmes fundraiser, he leapt into action.  

    Satan’s Little Helper believes in sharing the fruit of knowledge far and wide – so when Becky Bateman from Museums Wellington asked for some help with her education programmes fundraiser, he leapt into action.  


    Looking to raise funds to make education programmes more affordable, Becky arranged a quiz night at Wellington Museum and HELL stepped up to provide the catering. Ticket sales for 96 people and proceeds from a cash bar raised more than $5,500 for the cause.


    “It’s a lot more than I was expecting and everything went great. The pizza arrived bang on time and everyone had a fantastic evening – although some people complained that the questions were too hard!”


    With the money raised, Becky says Museums Wellington will be able to offer a wider range of programmes as well as making them more accessible.


    “We run across four different sites: Wellington Museum, Space Place at Carter Observatory, Nairn Street Cottage and the Cable Car Museum,” says Becky. “We get groups of all ages from pre-school through to adults taking night classes, but typically the bulk of people we see are between 7-12.”


    There are classes on almost every day and instructors work hard to personalise them for different groups.


    “If we can put some programmes on for just a koha rather than a set price, it goes a long way to getting more people involved and learning about all sorts of cool things, such as what stars are made of.


    They also get a glimpse into the life of early settlers with tours through the Nairn Street Cottage, which is Wellington’s oldest identified building.”

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  • Better in HELL than in hospital!

    Waitara’s Matt Olson had to spend his 13th birthday in hospital at his mum Rachel’s bedside, but thanks to Satan’s Little Helper and New Plymouth HELL franchisee Sanjay Gadiyar, the family were able to spend some quality time together with a belated celebration.


    Rachel was rushed to hospital with a spinal infection and pleurisy, with her stay extending over Matt’s birthday.


    To make up for the fact he was unable to have a proper celebration, Satan’s Little Helper and Sanjay organised for the family of four – Matt, his younger brother Ciel, dad Dave and Rachel –to spend some quality time together at the HELL New Plymouth store.


    “Having Matt’s birthday in the hospital wasn’t that great,” says Rachel, who is still in recovery and expects to be better within a few months.


    “Being able to celebrate in store was lovely. Sanjay went to a lot of effort to make it special and we all really enjoyed it.”


    Matt says that Rachel kept the party as a surprise, describing it as “really cool”.


    “I thought we were just in town to do a few jobs, so it was really unexpected when we went to the store. I had a lot of fun and all the food was really yummy – the best part was that it was free!”

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  • Let the children play

    Satan’s Little Helper is a playful character, so he jumped at the chance to help Rangiora Toy Library (RTL) in its mission to improve children’s education through play – by providing $480 in HELL vouchers.



    Half that amount in dollars was needed for RTL to reach its target to buy new shelves and improve the centre’s limited space.


    “We sold the vouchers at half price and they proved wildly popular,” says RTL vice president and secretary Lizzy Anderson. “We could have sold three times as many!”


    Established more than 20 years ago, the community-run RTL is funded through a combination of subscription fees, donations, grants, and fundraisers.


    Lizzy says that everyone involved is very thankful for HELL’s support.


    “We’ve got the shelves installed now. They’ve made a significant difference to the library, because now we can safely store our larger toys and there’s also more space for the children to play.


    “Not all families have access to toys at home; we’re an affordable alternative with more than 1,000 different items available to our members.” 

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